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BUR120 and BUR330
Automatic Tumblers

Automatic Tumbler The Nicem S.p.A. machine has been designed for the surface finishing of metal articles in zama, brass, aluminium, steel, stainless steel and non-metallic articles in plastic.
The process is carried out through a rotary movement which takes place inside an octagonal biconic container (barrel).
The combined action of the rotation and abrasive inserts (plastic, ureic, wood and sawdust) imparts a deburring, lapping and surface polishing action.
    1. Oscillating and rotating unit
  • geared motor: keyed directly onto the shaft and controlled electronically by an inverter which regulates the speed of rotation.
  • barrel drum: in electro-welded steel plate, lined with scratch-proof rubber, equipped with an external sealed cover fitted with a safety valve and rinsing grill.
  • actuator: producing the tilting movement necessary for loading and unloading the barrel drum.
  • electro-valve: for water inlet into the barrel tank.
    2. Base: consisting of a heavy electro-welded steel structure.
    3. Front protection: covers the rotating unit.
    4. Electric control panel : cantilever or free-standing.



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