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Enamelling Equipment


enamelling equipment


Especially designed for the production of pieces of high quality, high productivity and very low level of rejects.

The individual pieces composing the plant are shown on the following pages.

BAS   Enamelling table
    Enamelling table BAS has been studied with the aim of obtaining the highest precision in the application as well as a high productivity.
  • heated plate 1000 x 500 mm
  • automatic temperature regulation and analogic thermometer
  • version "D" is equipped with: movable support for operator arm, automatic dispenser DIS 100-101-200 and syringe support
  • planned for aspiration hood with movable arm for the elimination of harmful fumes
ASP3 CA   Activated Carbon Filtering System
    It is used to filter the fumes produced in the drying oven FOS 200 and in the enamelling table BAS and to eliminate the harmful particles thanks to the action of an extractable drawer containing high efficiency activated carbons elements.
    The filter structure is integrated in the equipment and it creates at the same time an useful work top for the operator with reduction of work time.
FOS 200   Oven
    It is a very reliable Oven, designed for enamelling:
  • capacity 520 x 420 x 460 h mm
  • 12 shelves made of either solid or pierced plates (4 are standard part of the equipment)
  • automatic timer for start-up programming
  • automatic temperature regulation and analogic thermometer
  • can be connected with a filtering system ASP3 CA for the elimination of harmful fumes
  • oven base with movable rack MP 200 for rational preparation of work with a capacity of 14 shelves
BCT   Rectangular aspiration mouth
    For the elimination of harmful fumes, with movable arm.
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