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Representing NICEM, Italy as their sole agent in Australia, Nadjar International is a supplier of high quality spin casting products.

Nicem was established in 1969 and is one of the largest suppliers of spin casting products and machinery in Italy.  Nicem products are known an used around the world.  Now they are here in Australia and New Zealand.

Our aim at Nadjar International is to assist the spin casting industry in producing higher quality products more efficiently.  This catalogue provides you with information o a range of tried and tested products that help to achieve this result.

The following items in our range are highly recommended for their quality and performance:

Silicone Rubber
Arguably one of the best products for casting
zinc and pewter components.

Casting Machines and Accessoriessilicon rubber
Especially recommended for jewellery, buckles and badges.   Machinery guaranteed, spare parts and service available.

Rumblers, Rumbling Media and Products
For a superior finish. Samples available for testing.

Coloured Enamels
Complimentary colour charts available.

Enamelling Equipment
Top quality, well priced.



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