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C700 Master
Centrifugal Casting Machine


Automatic electronic single-station centrifugal casting machine, designed for the production of medium to large sized items such as: artistic pewter, buckles, medals and plates.


Technical Characteristics

  • Solid electro-welded and CNC machined steel structure, which guarantees precision of assembly and interchangeability of mechanical components.
  • The precise mechanical working allows an absolut precision in the centrifugal group closing, coaxiality of the discs and determines a good quality of work.
  • Asynchronous three-phase motor controlled by a digital frequency converter for automatic variation of centrifugal speed.
  • The converter provides an electronic regulation of acceleration during start-up and deceleration ramps when braking with reduction of splitting in the moulds.
  • Centrifugal speed variation in absence of vibrations.
  • Safety device in the centrifugal area prevents the accidental spillage of molten metal.
  • Reduction of items due to the ergonomics of closing device and start-up of work cycle.

C MASTER has been produced with components of quality in accordance with EEC regulations.

  • 24 Vdc centralised control panel with LED visualization of all the machine's functions.
  • Digital timer/microprocessor for centrifugal time control.
  • Rpm control by means of potentiometer.
  • Digital rpm display.
  • Counter of castings.
  • Selector for regulation of rotation sense.
  • Start cycle button.
  • Reset button for work cycle.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Manometer.

In the planning and manufacturing of these machines we have taken into consideration the ergonomics of the work station adopting the following solutions for a better work facility:

  • Lowering of surface of mould loading with reduction of height of load of metal load
  • Combination with MATIC furnaces from 50 to 350 kg and MATIC and MASTER vulcanizers.



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